Meet Mariana… and our new logo!

Image of Bees of Grand Staircase-Escalante logo

There’s one thing that’s essential to the success of a project like this: a kick-ass logo! And now we have one, thanks to the rock-star work of Mariana Prieto.

Mariana is a designer dedicated to the development of innovation in wildlife conservation; she’s focused on solving challenges that are rooted in or affected by human behavior. “Anywhere you have human beings who are making choices, you can have design,” Mariana says. And protecting the wild places of this world is all about the choices we make.

Image of Mariana with sunglasses.Mariana rarely does work as a graphic designer. Yes, she’s an amazing illustrator and is co-creating a graphic novel series about superheroes who protect endangered animals. But her time, energy and skills are mostly committed to Design for Wildlife, a collective of creative talent working to support wildlife organizations facing a variety of challenges. Fortunately, she was all in on our request for help with our visual identity.

“I love bees!” she says. “The graphic novel doesn’t include any bees. But now I might have to add some!”

Big thanks to Mariana for her contribution to the Bees of GSENM project. We are thrilled to have her on our team!

You can read more about Mariana on our Team page.

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