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Many thanks to the following organizations and individuals who supported us through our ioby crowdfunding campaign during the fieldwork and filming phase of the project. We’re now on to second phase: putting together a finished film for you! We’ll be raising funds to support this post-production work and to promote the film in the coming months.

To stay in the loop on how you can help:

1. Follow the regular updates for the Bees of GSENM.
2. Sign up for Matt’s monthly newsletter: The Bee Report.

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Erin Wheat Tyler Chesley Heather Ireland Solveig J Hanson
Jillian Tolliver Ron M. Terry Kelly and Terry Keister Jose Madrigal
Ron & Lyn Kelly Tim Webber Jan Martenson Christine T.
Hunt Country Vineyards Margaret Jensen Andy M. Dean & Mary
Bill Browning Dave Muyres Bradley F. Donna
Ben & Katylin Kelly Rachael Patrice Cornick Marnie & Gail Anne Winters
Nathan S. One $ for each species found so far C. Carril In honor of Camilla Spencer
Allison A. Brenda Ekwurzel Dawn F. BuzzLightYear
Douglas N. David & Marlene HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Paul Johnson
Zachary Salus Anne Gibbons Cliff G. Kelly Roache
Amelia M. Lisa & Dave Tikusis Martha Soley Gina G.
Kellie Kathy Grassel AGPeterson Annie Marie Musselman
Melissa Pennise Kathleen Mogelgaard Janiele Lewis Brinton E Johns
Amel Benhamouda Britt Gwinner Stacy S. Matt Caffrey
Susanne F. Aditi S. Ladeene F. Brenda Ekwurzel
Josh Gelman Bonny L Messinger Susanna M. Melissa Wendland
Karin Gastreich Gene & Chris Dick & Bonnie Don & Nancy
Beren Argetsinger Ravines Wine Cellars Patrick Hanlon Rodge & Jan
Nancy-Jo Rembaum Deb & Len Peter & Mary Beth Paul & Melissa
Lu Lu S. Duncan McGillivray Jean M. Robert Sundberg
Terrence Miesle Bartels Photo Rhea ASibul
Carolyn Hunt and Ben and Friedel Wiehe Catherine deVries Todd A. Liam
Anson Fogel Cheryl Exomalopsis Brian Litmans Apis Mellifera
Colorado Native Bee Jon and Caroline B.H. Stacey W. Camagl
Osmia Bee Lori Ann B. Jan Quarles Amy Dalton
Natalie & Alex University of Denver Pioneers for Pollinators Vincent & Nora Anthophorula
Jigar Shah ASibul Matt Somers Cynthia Scholl
Denise Watkins Elizabeth Saunders Bill Amber C.
Chris Palahniuk Lorraine Hems Shelly Miller Susana M.
Heidi and Scott VG Kris Schachel Peter Helfrich