We raised over $28K!

Image of two people with nets overlooking cliff.

Hey friends! It’s been a couple weeks since the end of our ioby crowdfunding campaign for the Bees of Grand Staircase-Escalante project, and I have some truly exciting news to share with you: we raised over $28,000! This means we are fully funded to get our team of four back on the ground to study and film this exquisitely beautiful little world of bees in one of the most amazing places on Earth. Thank you, one and all, for your support! We would not be doing this without you. More updates from the field will be coming soon! Be sure to follow us right here at BEESofGSENM.com.

We’re extending the deadline!

Image of road from inside a truck.

Important news, everyone: We’re extending our ioby campaign through the end of April! Figuring out this crowdfunding piece of the project has been a fascinating learning experience. And one thing we’ve learned is that while one month might be enough time to build momentum – we need two months to keep it rolling!

Our crowdfunding total has been slowly climbing towards our goal, so we want to give that time to continue. Many people have reached out to us and asked if March is the only time they can contribute – would there be ways to add support in the following weeks? We also have some really exciting things coming our way in the next month. And, as previously mentioned, working with ioby means we get to keep whatever amount we raise, which will help cover our cost for getting back on the ground. So, for all these reasons, we’ve decided to push our crowdfunding deadline to April 30.

Big thanks to all of you who have contributed to the Bees of Grand Staircase-Escalante so far! We are most grateful! And we’re absolutely thrilled for the opportunities ahead.

More soon!

Reward for you: Special thanks in the film credits

Image of film credits.

Wh-What?!? Our ioby fundraising campaign for this project passed the $5,000 mark on Sunday night and kept on moving today! This deserves a little bit of love in return. So how about this: Everyone who contributes to the campaign will get a special thanks in the film credits! Because no matter the amount, it’s your support that’s making this essential science and the film documenting it possible.

You rock, my friends!

Crowdfunding starts March 1 (but start giving early)

Image of open road through the monument.

Get ready! Our ioby crowdfunding campaign is going live to the world this Friday, March 1!

But here’s a little secret for you early birds: our ioby page is live right now and accepting support for the project. All donations made before the March 1 kickoff will have a really important double impact. Early giving will, of course, contribute to the success of both the science and the storytelling. But early giving will also build momentum to inspire others to give!

Any amount of support will go a long way in making this project a success:

  • $5 will purchase 100 pins for mounting the bees we collect.
  • $25 will support one hour of fieldwork and collecting the bees.
  • $50 will support one hour of analyzing and identifying the bees.
  • $100 will purchase the nets and other supplies we need to collect bees.
  • $500 will support half a week of fieldwork by one researcher.

So head over to our ioby page and make difference for this extremely important project.

And spread the word to everyone you know who values science, the beautiful natural places in our country, and the bees!

Thank you, friends!